McCrei – 3am Coffee (God Made You different to me) – Track Review



McCrei – 3am Coffee (God Made You different to me) – Track Review

McCrei are two sisters who express their life experiences and observations on life through their own song writing. McCrei was formed in the second half of 2012, when member’s Shannon McCree and Leanne McCree realised that potentially they could be a strong songwriting partnership and decided to team up together. The sisters started off by performing acoustic covers around Camden and Kent venues and began recording their own material towards the end of 2012. The track 3am Coffee, is heavily influenced by artists such as Joss Stone, and is a reflection of their soulful style.

Piano hook opens the track, with vocals joining it to compliment it, the use of effects on the call and response section, adds another layer to the track. The drums come in, as a solid rhythmic background. The use of synth strings makes the track complete, and makes it stand out as a complete work.

Lyrically the track talks of a break-up, how the relationship changed, and how the jealousy creeped in. Finally the chorus talks of the hope of resolution, that she may accept that he is different to her. The bridge is a stark reminder of the hope of future exist within relationship, and plans are made for that future.

It is a skilful use of all elements, a mature track, full of soul and ready for an audience that is looking for something a bit different.

Matthew ‘Sharky’ Finn

Reviewer on behalf of GIGgle Pics

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